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A place to remember loved ones lost too soon to a racist and antiquated war on drugs.

A place to remember loved ones lost too soon to a racist and antiquated drug war. 

Randy Roberts

a founding member and president of the Brantford Substance users network and will be missed not only locally by his BSUN family but across the nation as his determination to change fatal drug policy led to his involvement in the Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs (CAPUD) and Drug Policy work groups at the Dr Peter Aids Centre.

Randy dedicated his life to undoing the wrongs of failed drug policies, advocating for the equitable and meaningful engagement of people who use drugs, fighting for the expansion and normalizing of harm reduction programming, fighting the stigma of substance use, increasing access and expansion of safe consumption sites and protecting the rights of our most marginalized.

Randy was always willing to step up whether to educate organization across Canada and inform the policies and practices of harm reduction programs, increase the capacity of substance use and addictions programs, normalize mental health and increase public health responses like those at Overdose Prevention Sites and Treatment and Consumption Services, Randy always found the time.

Randy also never turned down an opportunity to meet other Drug Users whether they be at his door looking for supplies or across the province or nationally he made sure to make time to provide them with support and or insight and his commitment to stand in solidarity with others was extraordinary as he always showed up in compassion and kindness for his fellow drug user.

Randy’s ability to advocate and mobilize and tenacity to overcome adversity was integral to the realization that Ontario needed a strong group of PWUD to direct the response to drug poisonings and he directly contributed to the creation and success of the Ontario Network of People Who Use Drugs (ONPUD).  


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